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Hullachan AP Softshoes

Hullachan Pro AP (H1) split sole softshoes.

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$100.00 per pair

Hullachan Pro AP softshoes, or H1,  are the perfect arch-hugging fit! The split soles give flexibility and great toe points while the  elasticised side panels give a close fit around the heels. A patented seam free front stops friction damage to dancers toes. They are fitted with medical grade shock absorbency pads at the toe and heel.
Medium width is standard, however Narrow and Wide fittings are both available by order. 

The fit of these softshoes is super tight. They need to stretch over the foot and be pulled on coming up over the heel area with the laces through the back loop. TIGHT IS RIGHT. The proper look of these pumps is Black Laces over White Bubble socks.                                                                                                                                                         Note:  The size measurements given are for a comfortable fit. For the very tight fit, go down 1 or 2 full sizes according to your preference.